Attorney Office Share Available
(856 Olive - Downtown Eugene)
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Olive Street Features Include:
  • Convenient downtown Eugene location (About two blocks from the Lane County Courthouse)
  • Professional lobby with 13' vaulted ceiling
  • Conference room
  • Individual USPS mail boxes, allowing distinct "Suite #" addresses
  • "Soundproof" offices (insulated, double thick drywall construction, with walls extending through the ceiling to the rafters
  • Two 4' x 6' skylights illuminating the interior secretarial station area
  • Executive sized offices with 10' vaulted ceilings and 4' wide x 7' high windows
  • Mezzanine "Archive Gallery" storage wall, providing multiple lockable storage units
  • Community break room
  • Energy efficient electrical features which reduce the building's "carbon footprint"
  • Two bathrooms
  • Phone system
  • Copier/work area
  • Multiple parking options - two garages within a block, a third garage within 1- blocks, surface parking across street and, of course, metered parking
Pleasant, professional environment.
Please contact Hugh Duvall or Sherrie at 541.345.4500 for further information